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 Shiko, Sinnoh Champion (trust me. I know what I'm doing.)

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PostSubject: Shiko, Sinnoh Champion (trust me. I know what I'm doing.)   Tue Apr 27, 2010 4:32 am

Name: Shiko

Age: 16

Gender: Female

Pokemon on you currently:
Haseo - Male Infernape - Lvl 80
Alkaid - Female Luxray - Lvl 75
Myrrh - Female Altaria - Lvl 56
Saku - Female Glaceon - Lvl 65
Macha - Female Cherrim - Lvl 63
Agito - Male Mightyena - Lvl 61

Hair: Straight black, mid-length in low tail.
Eyes: Amber.
Skin: Pale.
Clothing: White sleeveless dress shirt with a red tie. Black wedding gauntlets and white cufflinks with long trails. Black waistcoat and black slacks with brown penny loafers.

Born to Competition Mistress Aya 'Mom' and Poffin Chef Extraordinare Souji 'Dad', it was expected for her to follow in her parents' footsteps and specialize in Pokemon Contests. They certainly did not expect to hear that Shiko had successfully beaten Sinnoh Champion Cynthia just when they were deciding on her contest dress! When Sinnoh was drowned, it was fortunate that the three were on holiday in Snowpoint City, which was left untouched by the water due to it's location on Mount Coronet. As of now, Snowpoint City is just about the only place in Sinnoh which is safe to be in.

Being a Region Champion, Shiko has been called upon to help fend off the Teams which are terrorizing the various regions. The Elite Four and ex-Champion Cynthia are in the same boat as Shiko - they have also been recruited. Although Sinnoh has been drowned, they will pull no punches in stopping the Teams from hurting the rest of the regions even more.

Shiko is normally cheery, and never seems to worry about much in particular. She hasn't changed at all from the age of 13, when she won the Sinnoh League. (Not a godmod. Have you seen the ages of those characters?) If one had to point out a change, no matter how superficial, it would be the fact that she seems to have grown more snappy.

Pack items on you: (as Shiko has her Altaria with her, she is able to fly back to Snowpoint and get more supplies.)
About 20 Full Restores
10 Revives
10 Full Heals
12 Lum Berries

Starting region:
New Bark Town, Johto
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Shiko, Sinnoh Champion (trust me. I know what I'm doing.)
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