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 Ranger - Hotaru

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PostSubject: Ranger - Hotaru   Tue Apr 27, 2010 9:45 am

Name: Hotaru

Age: 17
Gender: Male
Partner Pokemon: Kafka - Male Banette
Appearance: Spiky navy blue hair with waist-length thin tail tied with black thread, dark violet eyes. Wears a black short-sleeved dress shirt with a red tie, white trousers and brown loafers. Has three silver studs in his right ear.

Hotaru was born in Wintown, Fiore, but moved to Pueltown, Almia when he was only 3. At the age of 14, he was in still in Ranger School when the Team Dim Sun incident occured. When the hero who defeated Blake Hall, Kellyn, visited the Ranger School for an Outdoor Lesson, Hotaru was inspired greatly by him. He studied and practised hard to become a good Ranger, and graduated at the age of 16 with honours due to his hard work and outstanding results.

Hotaru was soon assigned to Wintown, his birthplace, to be a Ranger there under Elita. By this time, he had acquired a loyal partner in the form of a male Banette he called Kafka. Working hard yet again as a Ranger of Wintown, Hotaru was one day called up by the Ranger Union. Although he had not done anything remarkably impacting on a region, his skill with a Styler did not go unrecognized. Even Elita had took notice of his near peerless speed and efficiency...and ponderously long list of completed requests. This was it. Hotaru was offered the chance to be a Top Ranger. Naturally, he accepted the offer.

A year later, Hotaru received word of the Teams wrecking havoc on the Trainer regions. Including Sinnoh, where his cousin Shiko lived. The two were remarkably close, as Shiko often traveled to Almia for visits before the Teams attacked. Asking Chairperson Erma directly for permission to be assigned to what had been termed 'Operation Trainer Aid', he set off for Johto as soon as he could.

Hotaru is a quiet, stoic young man. He is very helpful, as expected of his job as a Ranger, but he has never been seen to crack a joke or smile genuinely. He is strictly all-business once on the site, and will not stop working until he achieves his goal.
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Olivine City, Johto
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Ranger - Hotaru
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