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 ALexzanders characters.

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TE Name: Retsetsu Himekaidou
Status: Carefree Tengu

PostSubject: ALexzanders characters.   Tue Apr 27, 2010 10:57 am

Name: Retsetsu Himekaidou
Gender: Male
Species: Tengu (those who knows about touhou, knows what i talk about
Age: 322 years/ look : 19 years old.
Appearance: Half long black hair, blue eyes.

ok clothes gets hard to describe: touhou fans: an version of Ayas double spoilers clothes, just that it is sewed for men as a shirt and loose trousers to easier flight, same muster as shirt. shoes: tengu shoes: (shoes with highheels in the middle.) ((picture should kinda help it out with clothes))
Tengu hat also called a: Tokin hat. colours: same as Hatate (picture for help)
always carriying around with a bag of some sort with amulets and interviewer stuff.
i have always my videocamera with me.
wings: long beatifull wings with an black color
animal to think of: A crow.

picture to help you:
look on the person to the left, with black long hair? clothes. person to the right is Hatate.

Concept art of how i look. made by a freind of mine:

Power: the power of the winds (more to come later on).

Personality: carefree, but it in dangerous situations, serious.

Background: working with a girl named Hatate on an newspaper called Ban Ban Mura. is the leading director of the newspaper, but because of lack of people, working with reporting. working with the power to make magical artifacts and powers to amulets.
how i make them is a secret, but i can tell i got /borrowed a book from a magical libary and some help from a witch with immense powers.
these amulets is something i sold to that witch and also to a shopkeeper. that is where the money mostly come from. my job is in training up Hatate so she can get to be an proffesinal Tengu reporter.
our job is to look for interesting stuff for our newspaper, and we can use everything!

Us tenkus have an immense speed, and is one of the fastest species ever.
we are freindly and rarely fights, only if it is necessary.
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ALexzanders characters.
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