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PostSubject: Tanya   Mon May 24, 2010 3:16 pm

Name: Tanya
Gender: Female
Age: 20
Power: Premonition
Appearance: Click to see Tanya
Personality: Serious and sure-footed, Tanya doesn't joke around much. She likes to keep on task, she likes to finish what she starts and she likes to do it well. Aside from that, Tanya is relatively friendly, no thanks to the 16 or so years she spent in TSR's care. She is more of a soft-hearted person around the younger kids, helping them when she can and if she can.
Strengths: Tanya doesn't believe in no-win situations and has no intention of starting to anytime in the foreseeable future. She is physically strong and fast but won't leave people behind if she can help it.
Weaknesses: Tanya is overconfident, to the point that she'll push her luck above and beyond the limits. She also never had a high tolerance for pain; it both turns her into a whimpering child and makes her incapable to utilizing her powers.
Fears: Death, heights, drowning
History: Tanya was never actually abducted by TSR, her parents handed her over willingly after having discovered she was gifted. Being only four years old, Tanya immediately began crying the moment her parents handed her to a man in a suit, and she remembers the words that were exchanged to this day. TSR trained Tanya vigilantly between the tests and experiments in the hope that she would assist them in the future with capturing more gifted children. She is extremely well trained in kick-boxing and is efficient with a pair of handguns, thanks to late night training under the watch of several armed escorts. Aside from the little known here, Tanya keeps her past to herself and is determined that TSR files concerning her will be destroyed. In flames.
Other: Tanya is one of the subjects that suggested an escape to the others at one point and let it develop from there. Why, only she knows and she is extremely careful around telepaths.
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