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 [Numbl3ss S0und]

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PostSubject: [Numbl3ss S0und]   Tue May 25, 2010 4:02 pm

{Email Invitation sent...}

[Title: Do you want to be a shining star?]

Generating normal letter.... Five... four... three... two...

Audio playing@...

A male's voice starts to play. "Hello star in the works! I've heard that you and your band want to become stars! You know, the one that people look up too and always listen too? It is your wish right? You want to be famous right? Of course you do! all bands in the making want to be big famous people! But oh, it cost too much. Oh we don't have someone to host us. Look no further! We currently are looking for big bands in the making! Oh, but there is a catch. There always is a catch."

The voice coughs a few times. "You heard that s in bands right? You aren't the only ones that want to make it big. There are thousands of other bands out there that want to be famous!" Nods. "Now, we will be holding different games and contests and of course Band competitions. Unlike most games we won't eliminate you, no your points will rack up till the final round! The person with the most points, will be come famous!"

"Now, a few other things. You may form your band at the place or form it before the place. However, who knows if you will have time to form it once you get here."

Audio over@...


Not much else to say! However there is a secret. This Band competition is more than you think... once your band gets in you will get collars around your necks and work in "games" like dogs. Losers will be shocked and their is no way out, except to win. So what do you do? Try and escape while trying your best to stay alive and not get tortured. Work together or be separate, it doesn't matter... or does it....

Here are the rules and standards;
1: If you want, you can think of this as your original character that has powers... however! You have entered into a different 'world' that has disabled your powers till you get free! Meaning... you are normal and must use your smarts.
2: You can be an any animal and such. Like Fox human etc. I know I will be doing that.
3: No god modding of any type. I control most of the normal actions, but if you would like, you may also control some of the "evil" characters. Sign up if you want... however you may only be up to two. I myself will only use two.
4: Remember you have collars on and I can push the button any time I want.. or the other evil people. What they do will be talked about in the Rp.
5: Have fun!

I dislike templates, so all I really want is...
[b]Look:[/b](Picture or description works)
[b]Instrument/Place in the band:[/b]

Short and simple! You must have a band and you don't have to have someone evil. If you do have someone like that then take out Place in Band/Instrument.
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[Numbl3ss S0und]
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