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 Alice and Alec

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PostSubject: Alice and Alec   Wed May 26, 2010 10:28 pm

Power:Astral Projection

This but depending on her mentality her hairstyle might change

Alice is a normal girl who loves her big brother,in what way is unknown...though fact is he is the only one she is truly comfortable with.Her personality could be considered clingy or rather weak at times as Alec will always be there to protect her.
He also enjoys the clingyness and also acts affectionately back,she has a optimistic personality and believes if it can be done it will be done with only good in mind as it is done.

Appearance,personalities,her scheming mind,rapid persona change,
being quiet and to herself her mental state is different than others and some could even say stronger
Confusion,her perception of reality,rapid persona change with the right words or action
Herself and everyone(except her brother but even then she fears showing herself to him)

Due to trauma from watching her parents be killed right in front of her,
the only memory she has is her holding a boys hand as they entered the facility.
Then one of the workers dragged her away watching him get taken to the other side.
Having known that childrens families were killed and they were abducted to this odd place,she assumes he is her brother.

The way she has been keeping contact with her brother is at night
in which she appears as the age she was when she had arrived at the facility(14 years old)
now being 18 and having gone through puberty she is scared to show herself truly to her brother.
She has Multiple Personality Disorder(MPD)making control of the projections much easier but dangerous,
setting her other selves loose onto the projection could either help her or kill her

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PostSubject: Re: Alice and Alec   Wed May 26, 2010 11:49 pm

Name:Alec(pronounced with a k but most call him Alex anyways)
Power:Object Manipulation


Is a fighter unlike some others who have given up,he fights on by training his abilities
(started with small things and kept escalating over the years)he is a risk taker and will do anything to get a certain outcome.
Some might think he is stubborn for not talking with anyone..even the officers when they ask mockingly ask if he needs anything
.So he got beaten for not responding,eventually he learned that fighting back is better than letting them win.
So now the officers have had their fair share of experiences with Alec some scars and bruises as proof,always with a glare he doesn't let people know what he is feeling or thinking about he comes off as a typical brute.

He can lift fairly heavy objects sometimes but not always,
is either horribly lucky at dodging or amazingly good at it
being as how he has almost died a few times trying to lift things he obviously couldn't
Sometimes his manipulation of objects fails,he gets angered easily,
he doesn't like people who read his thoughts or act like they know him or even how he feels,
finds other women repulsive
Dying(but if he does he wants to die for a good cause or person)

He remembers everything about that last night as a normal boy,him telling anyone what happened on the other hand is not likely.He pretends to not remember that night or that little girl...that little girl he was seperated from,but he has seen her nearly every night for the past few years but always as that little girl so he doesn't even know if she is alive or not.

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PostSubject: Re: Alice and Alec   Thu May 27, 2010 12:26 pm

Yay for twins!
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PostSubject: Re: Alice and Alec   

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Alice and Alec
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