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 Luneraga's ErD characters

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PostSubject: Luneraga's ErD characters   Thu May 27, 2010 12:33 am

Full Name: Diz Drauka
Nicknames: Dizzy, Diz, or anything random really
Age: ranges from 18 - 26 depending on rp
Birthday: December 13
Orientation: Straight

Abilities: She is a ghost so, traveling to and fro the underworld/ spiritworld and going through walls, but she chooses to go through doors and if she doesnt keep consentration she loses parts of her physical form and gets stuck in the floor. She can command will spirits to do whatever she wishes but once she runs out of souls she has to travel back to the underworld for recruits. She can also be taken over by any if she doesnt keep her gaurd up.

Gender: Female
Species: Ghost/Demon
Eyes: right; turquoise left; (generaly covered)
Hair: Black
Skin: extreme white
Weight: light
Height: 5' 9''


She is cold and heartless to those who dont know her but when they do she is a dork and extremly kind.

more later....



Ronnie Sabre

:General Info:

Name: Ronnie
Nicknames: Ron
Age: 19
Looks: 16
Species: neko
Gender: female but appears male


Height: 5'11.5''
Weight: light
Skin: fair but slightly tanned
Hair: black with red tips and pink bangs
Eyes: Dark blue
Build: wak small build very lanky
Clothing: sweaters, t-shirts, and jeans
Other: has white neko ears but no tail


Likes: Candy, and nice people
Dislikes: strangers, lime light,
Wants: to be accpeted or ignored
Fears: people finding out he is a girl
Habits and Other Things:
He/she blushes alot when nervous, and is extremly shy

:Abilities and Fighting Strategy:

Abilities: makes any weapon appear out of thin air
Weapons: any
Strategy: any
Strengths: smart cunning
can be thrown out of his/her fighting mode easily


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Luneraga's ErD characters
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