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 Introduction to the world of ErD

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PostSubject: Introduction to the world of ErD   Thu May 27, 2010 3:12 pm


This is the main area's that we have been in so far. And the map i did not make myself i am just borrowing it.

This is the whole avalible world at the moment.

It is constantly in almost all areas, the places that do have sunshine have been occupied by royalty mostly.


Ok here is the rough version...

Rain hits the ground softly as footsteps sound in the distance... the hunters. "Run my child" said the frantic mother. The 'hunters' grew closer as the mother braced herself. The child disappeared in the thick ever growing forest. The hunters leaped from their horses as they appraoched the woman and drew their sickly stained blades. "Where are the others witch?" one of them said. "There are no others" She suddenly held a knife crafted of lightning in her hand and charged the hunters....

The child ran through the forest lost and afraid and the deeper in he went the darker it grew, until no light remained. He suddenly felt no ground beneath him and the last thing he heard was his mothers screams.

In this world we are hunted. In this world they are cruel.

In this world events like above happen on a daily basis, because the 'hunters' are a elite group of soldiers determined to whipe out all... abnormal creatures.. They have unique abilities sometimes themselves but those who do will be exicuted when the world is 'purdged'. You are a character have many options but the first one is where you are and what side you believe in. This is in a time where technology is horded and kept secret so items such as guns and cars are not common, and the majority of people are poor and homeless. There are plenty of resources but the Guild and The Oricle rulers horde them in their castles and royal cities.

Your next choice is Noble, Royal, Soldier, Hunter, Theif, ect... for the main families and leaders of main groups you will need to ask me though.
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Introduction to the world of ErD
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