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 Just laying some ground rules.

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PostSubject: Just laying some ground rules.   Fri Apr 02, 2010 4:12 pm

Ok here are the rules:

1. The roleplay may be based on anything you want.
2. Making yourself a god will not be tolerated.
3. There will be criticizing any idea. If you think it's bad make some
suggestions to make it better
4. you must be open to any and all ideas from other users.
5. The roleplay may not be hurtful or offensive to any user. (Do not be offended by being shot in the face.)
6. No idea can be posted twice.
7. Sequels to roleplays can be made only after the roleplay has ended.
8. If the roleplay doesn't catch on it doesn't catch on. Do not force it on people.
9. Go with the flow. If someone doesn't act as planned just go with it instead of getting angry.
10. Have fun!
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Just laying some ground rules.
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