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 The "Nurse"

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PostSubject: The "Nurse"   Sat May 29, 2010 9:46 pm

Name:Unknown--- got saddled with the nickname "The Nurse" thanks to the staff and the kids.
Power:None (staff of the facility)

Skinny, short black hair, brown eyes, around 5'11" tall. Wears brown khaki pants, brown shoes and a blue T-shirt with a logo of a musical note, and a labcoat.

Always smiling, and willing to put his job on the line for the health of anyone he meets. Likes to be really literal, so as to confuse people, and enjoys giving light trouble to others, but he's otherwise harmless. Has a soft spot for all of the "kids" internalized in the institute, even though some of them don't reciprocate the feeling.

Sometimes capable of creating "loopholes" when necessary for when the "kiddos" get in trouble.
Capable of limited medical procedures (eeey, he's doing his residency).

Hippocratic oath makes him unable to hurt anyone, and compels him to watch out for the health of everyone, even enemies.

The powers of the "kiddos", though that doesn't stop him from trying to get along with them.
Fears heights.

He is a medical student doing his residency. After reviewing where he wanted to go, he got offered a position learning how to treat "gifted youngsters" by the institute, thanks to his grades. He accepted because, aside from allowing him to gain some experience, they also offered a place as a General Practitioner as soon as he finished his residency. This doesn’t stop anyone from calling him “Nurse”, however, because when he arrived in the facility, the others were expecting a smoking-hot blonde nurse. Of course, when he arrived by the door, the others let a hearty “HELLOOOOO NURSE!” Since then, he has been known as the “Nurse”.
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The "Nurse"
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