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 Valkyrie Profile-Harry Potter Crossover

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PostSubject: Valkyrie Profile-Harry Potter Crossover   Mon May 31, 2010 6:20 pm

I need ideas for a title. Right now it's called Covenant for a Valkyrie but I don't like that title.


Lezard Valeth had tried to claim Lenneth's heart many times. So far, none had succeeded however, he had come up with another plan. Recently he had gained the power of Odin and had interrupted a Sovereign's Rite, stealing Silmeria Valkyrie's soul. He now sat at a desk in his tower, scribbling furiously as he worked on his latest plan, his hair a mess from days of planning at this point. The wizards glasses were smudged The Philosophers Stone sat nearby, its secrets now all too easy for the necromancer to read. Lezard has recently learned from it that there were other worlds to find, worlds unconnected to his worlds Yggdrasil. The man scribbled a couple more notes before grabbing the Philosophers Stone and began pouring through it for a little more information; he was so close, so close to finding a way to break through to a new world. A world with enough power that he may be able to capture his lady love.

After an hour more work, Lezard had created a proper circle in his tower. The runes he sued to describe the world he was seeking were written red around the edges. Now for the final step, the transfer. The necromancer chuckled as he began the spell, feeling his Valkyrie near. Obviously she had sensed something here in his tower and had come to investigate. Just as the spell was ending and he was being pulled into the other world, Lenneth entered the room.

"See you on the other side, my love." He said just as he disappeared. Lenneth ran forward, sword drawn and tried to stop him at the last minute but her sword cut through empty air. Looking around the tower, she found his notes on the other world. He had taken the Stone along with him, a matter of safety on his part perhaps, not wanting to risk it being stolen. Lenneth scowled, realizing someone else was about to be tormented by the man. She turned, her armor clanking and platinum hair whipping back behind her. The Valkyrie would have to follow him to whatever world would soon be at his mercy; she really had no choice. She had left him live until this point, so naturally she had to fix this mistake of hers and if possible, allow the Lenneth of this time awaken and fix the problems of this time; the twisted time that Lezard had warped for his own ends. Lenneth stepped into the circle, the residual magic Lezard had used automatically reacting to her divine aura and pulling her into the world beyond it.
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Valkyrie Profile-Harry Potter Crossover
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