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PostSubject: Lumina   Sun Jun 13, 2010 12:53 am

Name: Lumina
Gender: Female
Age: 10
Power: Object Manipulation
Appearance: Short, even for her age. Light, straight brown hair. Wears a child-sized blue jumpsuit and a gold, metal hairband that occasionally glows faintly.
Personality: Short-tempered to a fault, and can be quite violent at times. Since she's only semi-fluent in English, she tends to be very blunt, as well. However, once she recognizes someone as a friend, she can be very kind-hearted. Bizarrely, despite a fairly traumatic life, she usually seems little the worse for the wear, an attribute that TSR took heavy interest in. She is also highly intelligent, and seems to have a knack for foreign language acquisition.
Strengths: Mental stability and strength, stubbornness.
Weaknesses: Still very childish at times (see stubbornness, above)
Fears: Claustrophobia
History: Previously rescued from a rival institution's holding facilities, Lumina has never once known life outside the constant guard of at least one such facility. Immediately after her rescue, she fell into TSR's clutches. A mere seven days after her transferal to TSR, she finds herself caught up in the escape attempt...
Other: Due to her violent attempts at escape, she has been fitted with a unique power-suppression headband that emits a frequent, distracting pulse. As TSR was not responsible for putting it on her, the faculty have no idea how to remove it. Her native language is German, though she also speaks several others.
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