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 Mocona and Kourin

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TE Name: Mocona and Kourin
Status: Displeased with Sevhian

PostSubject: Mocona and Kourin   Sun Apr 04, 2010 8:56 am

Name: Mocona Hinamizawa
Nickname/s: Moco, Mocola, Chef
Age: Early teens, physically. She's over 9000 years old. Really.
Birthday: December 13th, year unstated
Orientation: Straight as a bloody arrow
Abilities: Mocona is able to 'hack reality' to an extent. Little things, like changing the appearance on an object, walking much faster than what would be normal, and pulling a baseball bat from her pocket. The latter ability is restricted to things that she can actually hold, so you won't see her brandishing the kitchen sink anytime soon. Other than that, she can use her replica of a certain copyrighted knife to slice portal in the air. These portals lead her to a destination which she knows the location and appearance of.

Gender: Female
Species: Demon (a human with pointy ears, bat-like wings and a forked tail. The last two generally help with kitchen chores.)
Eyes: Blood red, with leaf green contact lens
Hair: Crimson red, straight, and cut in a layered style down to her mid-back.
Skin: Peach, pale orange, whatever color you wish to call it.
Weight: 45kg
Height: 4'9, though this depends on how tall she wishes to be.

Likes: She is fond of good literature, music, food, and easily concealed bladed weapons. Bread knives seem to be among her top ten in favorites.
Dislikes: Sappy romance plots, people who try going too fast with her and people who make fun of her or Kourin.
Strengths: Laid-back, cheery, a good chef, non-discriminating, easy to get along with and adept at picking locks.
Weaknesses: Too laid-back, slightly out of the loop, mildly sadistic and tends to be very blunt at times.
Secrets: None. She doesn't keep secrets very often.
Personality: As mentioned above, Mocona is an easy-going, happy-go-lucky soul that happens to be a good chef. She is friendly to everyone she meets until they slight her - that makes them less liked - or make her happy. That makes them more liked. She generally doesn't hold grudges for long, unless you really make a mistake.

"So...the Overlord died. Via a nosebleed comparable to a jet fountain."
"That's right. Those Succubi maid were too much, I think."
"Help me pass my resignation letter to the Prince. I'll be leaving in a few hours."
"What? Why?"
"I never did like the Prince much."

With those 7 words as a goodbye, Mocona left Overlord Dunkapft's castle after purchasing a replica of a certain knife from the in-castle RosenQueen branch. A few days after she passed through the Artis Plains, a common thief attempted to rob her while she was asleep. That thief was Kourin, and Kourin was caught. And promptly persuaded to sign a Fell Contract that binded him to Mocona as a vassal. Needless to say, the thief was not happy.

Both demons grew on each other, and soon became steadfast partners in a completely platonic sense. After exploring the likes of Ivalice, Magvel, Lycia, Ivorie and Gensokyo, they finally came upon Sevhian's mansion. Don't ask Mocona. She doesn't know how she wandered into a half-Lunarian's estate either. They promptly proclaimed themselves as the kitchen staff, and have been working in the estate for around two days or a bit less. They expect to leave the area in a few years, depending on how much they enjoy themselves. God knows why they haven't been kicked out yet. Or killed by Spade.
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Posts : 195
Age : 21
Location : Room of Reckoning

TE Name: Mocona and Kourin
Status: Displeased with Sevhian

PostSubject: Re: Mocona and Kourin   Mon Apr 05, 2010 3:57 am

Name: Kourin Chiri
Nickname/s: Rin
Age: Looks about 15. As in Mocona's case, he's over 9000 years old.
Birthday: 1st April, year unstated
Orientation: Very Straight
Abilities: Kourin doesn't have any remarkable abilities, save for being able to cast weak elemental magic. By that, I mean weak Fire, Ice, Wind and Star spells.

Gender: Male
Species: Demon
Eyes: Blood red.
Hair: Messy and jet black, in the standard bishonen/pretty-boy style.
Skin: Peach, pale orange, etc.
Weight: 50kg
Height: 5'3

Likes: Music, plants and kids that don't scream. He has a soft spot for chocolate.
Dislikes: Ginger, large 'assets' and having his wings touched.
Strengths: Minds his own business, respectful, can adapt to almost any situation and is great at making breakfast food.
Weaknesses: Tends to be embarrassed easily. Never seems to smile. Might be misunderstood as aloof.
Secrets: His contract's actually expired. This means that he's staying with Mocona of his own accord. This tends to embarrass him a lot.
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Mocona and Kourin
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