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 Mr. Tumbleweed

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TE Name: Tumbleweed
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PostSubject: Re: Mr. Tumbleweed   Sun Apr 04, 2010 2:47 pm

Name: Mister tumbleweed.
Gender: varies
Species: Spirit
Apearance: usually a floating ball of light but sometime take the form of a young man in a Prestigious private school uniform or a Wedding tuxedo.

Power: Shapechanging *change only his apearance*, Owns a pocket dimension called the Transdimensional market place, Can make a portal to and from the Transdimensionnal market, An accident has made inbsubstantial meaning he can't interact with anything physical including Energy, It also made him immortal. He developed weak telekinesis to compensate for it (can lift and throw stuff violently weighting less than 10 kg and Just lift up to 50 kg). He cant leave the mansion trough his own will because of a mental compulsion putted on him, He's easyly distracted by peopole he did not meet before, sometime lose the track of what he was saying and he is forgotten by pepole without power. Wich only contribute to his phobia of being alone.

Personality: He's a generally gentle person, altought a little clingy since he fear to be abandoned, His skill in science and administration could have been useful in the past but right now he's stuck inside the mansion and generaly slacks around doing nothing. Very politte he never misses an oportunity to meet new and interesting pepole. His ability could have made him an exceptionnal spy but he think that invading privacy is a severe breach of ettiquete so he only does so in dire need. in one of the mansion room he keeps a doll wich he consider his sister and constantly speak to her if left alone.

Background: Elsias D.Hell use to be an accountant for a marketplace. His life was boring and uneventful until he feel trough a dimensional rift, He does not remember what happened but when he got back to his senses, he was a ball of pure spirit and everybody he knew forgot about him. Feeling depressed he escaped inside a strange mansion where he found pepole who could remember him. As he was floating trought that mansion, He happened upon a room that loocked him in and he's been trying to get out since then. For some reason his insubstantiality did not helped him. The door to this room, Only openable from the outside as yet to be unlocked to free him.

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Mr. Tumbleweed
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