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Aiden of the Stars


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PostSubject: Re: Aiden   Sun Apr 04, 2010 3:15 pm

Full Name: Aiden
Nicknames: None
Age: Appears 16/Over 6,000
Birthday: Unknown, estimated September 9
Orientation: Straight


  • Animus: Aiden wields Animus, the anti-existence of Anima which her brother wields. Animus can be used to heal and is used in part to activate Zarathustra. However for Aiden, when healing someone, if the injury is going to result in death, it's a trade: her life for the person whom she is healing.
  • Dark Animus: Whenever she grows angry and her features all negate, her Animus changes as well; going from healing to destructive and turning crimson instead of blue.
  • Imaginary Transference: For a short time, depending on her strength, Aiden can transfer her body into Imaginary Space, giving her body an ethereal look and making her untouchable; similar to Gnosis and Testaments as well as being able to teleport; similar to how Wilhelm transported the ES to Zarathustra's room. However, this leaves Aiden exhausted afterward.
  • Duplication: Aiden can create a clone of herself to help her fight. Though the clone has no ability with Animus, it does share her ability with a sword. When angry, Aiden can create a copy and a shadow copy, occasionally two copies rather then a shadow.

Gender: Female
Species: Divine
Eyes: Silver
Hair: Silver
Skin: Pale, soft
Weight: 112 lbs
Height: 5'2"


Normal Aiden

Angry Aiden


Aiden is kind and gentle, a friendly person to everybody or nearly everybody and she's extremely timid and apologetic. When she feels threatened, she takes cover nearby until she knows what she's up against then tries to fight to protect herself. A clever girl, Aiden uses objects nearby to channel Animus and uses them to her advantage.

History: [Under construction...]
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