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 Princess Zelda of Hyrule

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PostSubject: Princess Zelda of Hyrule   Tue Apr 13, 2010 8:19 pm

Name: Zelda Nayrina Hyrule (Named in part, as tribute to the Goddess of Wisdom who had guided the Royal Family for ages)

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Species: Hylian

Alliance: Hyrule

Weapons: A slender, steel sword with a gold inlay and petite sapphire's adorning the hilt.

A sleek mahogany bow, with elegant Hylian symbols engraved in it.

Abilities: Zelda bears the Triforce of Wisdom, Nayru's gift to Hyrule and with it she has divine wisdom, allowing her to discern the wisest decisions, especially in situations concerning the welfare of Hyrule. It also grants her a myriad of mystical abilities, including the ability to heal others.

Zelda is also capable of creating Light Arrows and able to grant the ability to use them to those she deems worthy or capable. Aside from that, she is capable of using several magicks such as Din's Fire and Nayru's Love (a blast of fire and a mystical shield, respectively).

Appearance: Long blonde hair cascades neatly around her shoulders, contrasting her porcelain complexion. Crystal blue eyes look sharply at her surroundings, seeming not to miss many details. Her figure is often mistaken as petite and fragile but she's quite lithe and quick on her feet but not physically strong, somewhat of a gymnast.

She has the typically dainty pointed ears of most Hylian people which she adorns with a pair of gold Triforce shaped earrings. She wears a blue silk dress with a white under-dress beneath it and a thin gold chain with a red tear-drop hanging off it to match the petite tiara gracing her forehead,


Personality: A strong-hearted and wise young woman, without the assistance of the Triforce, Zelda puts her subjects lives and well-being before her own, not just because it is her duty as Hyrule's current leader, but because she feels an overwhelming need to see to others first. She is compassionate to a fault, not finding the least bit of pleasure in anyone's suffering, another reason towards her needs to see to her peoples well-being and forgiving, trying to be understanding of peoples thoughts behind what crimes they commit.

History: Zelda was born as the only child of the Hyrule family, her mother dying during childbirth which left her father the duty of raising his child. Zelda was given the best tutors and most skilled of trainers at a young age. She excelled in her studies, making her tutors and father proud and eventually taking on more royal duties. She studies gymnastics and archery as she grew, the skills taking an immense amount of discipline which she developed over several years before taking up fencing and learning the art of the sword.

Without a feminine touch, a motherly figure, Zelda began to behave as a tomboy would as she entered her teens, forcing her father to hire a sort of nanny, or rather a protector for her who would, in time, rein the princess in, helping her to even out her personality so she would remain a dignified royal figure, so she would not besmirch the Royal name. This is the start of the Zelda who will eventually ascend to the throne.

On the eve of her eighteenth birthday, her father fell ill and died two weeks later. Suffering from overwhelming pressure from her fathers advisers, Zelda took to the throne, though not before a proper burial and ceremony in her father's memory. Trusting in herself, and in Wisdom, Zelda worked hard, exhausting herself some days and boring herself others while she attempted to keep her people happy and well treated. Crime rates dwindled but didn't disappear and the people prospered for a time which slowly increased her confidence in her abilities as ruler, despite never receiving the title of 'Queen'.
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Princess Zelda of Hyrule
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