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 Sevhian Yelouj Regladesh

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TE Name: Sevhian
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PostSubject: Re: Sevhian Yelouj Regladesh   Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:20 am

My Character:


Full Name: Sevhian Regladesh Yelouj
Nicknames: Master Jello, Boulderdash, Sev
Age: Appears 21, as for his actual age, he doesn't really remember, when he asked Evelyn, she would say things like, "Just do it 69", "Like 80 or something", "1337", "9001", and "About a hundred years ago..."
Birthday: April 16th
Orientation: Straight
Abilities: His ability is to manipulate spacial relations, he can make distances much further to walk, heights much farther to climb, and great chasms easy to leap with a single bound. He has used this a couple times to even reach the outside world. However, this is very tiring, and he doesn't like to use his power as he enjoys the normal spatial relations things have. He is a magician, taught by his father. He has mastered slight, and very basic temperature control, and static charges.


Eyes: One eye stays red, the other changes on his mood.
Hair: Blonde
Skin: Pale
Weight: About 100
Height: 5'6"
Appearance: You will generally see him reclining, or holding a cup of tea, he wears easy on the eyes formal attire from the Gothic Era in pre-renaissance Russia of generally blue, green, or red hues, or he wears white robes, usually whilst relaxing in his home. He usually has a half smile on his face. He never puts a comb to his hair, but it falls rather orderly anyway. His eyes can be piercing at times, if he's studying you, or having a debate. He will often wear some shaded glasses perched on the end of his nose for no apparent reason, especially since half the time the mansion is rather dark as it is.


Likes: Climbing, running, relaxing, kind and honest young people.
Dislikes: Disrespect, lies, having to fight.
Strengths: Immortality, cunning, and being quite observant.
Weaknesses: Flattery, if you trick him into killing anything without giving it an existential debate first he must leave the mortal world for [answer to problem Ä here.] years, he is very territorial.
Secrets: His deal, is a conspiracy.
He will often leave the mansion to talk with beings in the wilderness, or visit the human villiage. He generally likes smaller and fluffier animals or beings when he doesn't have to worry about killing them. He is an avid reader, and will go to great deals of trouble to collect a book he wants. He enjoys debates when he is not forced into one by his pact, and would not mind talking to random people for weeks on end. He likes things like philosophy, mathematics, physics, literature, and religion. Anyone who calls him master or decides to serve under him, he is fiercely protective of.


His father was a Lunarian Magician, who came to Kijutsou to study Yokai. Shortly thereafter his father fell desperately in love with a young Yokai woman, they settled down, and raised a family. Sevhian was soon born, and was raised in obscurity; being trained slowly in the ways of the Magician. They were curious as to what powers he would have as his father's Lunarian DNA had a scrambling effect on his mother's Yokai innate power passing ability. Most of his siblings either died soon after birth due to their powers being uncontrollable, or didn't show any sign of their powers until late in life, at which point it was usually something uninteresting and mundane, such as rotating objects, or changing the colors of things. Needless to say, many of his siblings found careers being construction workers or stylists in the human villiage. Sevhian did not seem to exhibit any strange abilities despite the fact that they sprung out of him from an early age, he just always seemed to be punctual. Around the time he was turning 20 his father left for the moon to obtain an elixir of life for his wife, he was too late however, and instead gave it to Sevhian as he wanted to meet his love in the afterlife, and none of the other children who were still alive were remotely interested. Shortly after this Sevhian achieved immortality, and became a Celestial by virtue of his human father, even if Lunarian in nationality. At this point a Shinigami immediately appeared and stated that since he was allergic to his own body, due to him being part Yokai, he must die. Sevhian said, "Now look here, I'm an immortal so I can't die."

"Yet you are allergic to yourself, to die would be better."

"Not neccesarily, other than the fact that my body would ordinarily kill me there seem to be no other side effects of me being allergic to myself."

"You're a troublemaker."

"I propose a deal."

"What sort?"

"If I make your job easier then I can stay, but if I fail to help you in the way we specify in this agreement, then I must go with you for an amount of time determined by the circumstance."

"Well, nobody has been wanting to come with me lately."

"Very well, how about every single creature I kill, I at least try to convince to go with you."

"That works for me. Now shoo you trouble maker."

"... You're in my house."

"Oh... Right."

Soon after Sevhian had to have a 5 minute conversation with a mosquito before he killed it, and decided it was quite a bit of trouble, so he decided to recruit people to help with that. He then released Evelyn Echoe Von Spade, he decided that if he was going to have a servant, he would need a mansion befitting an immortal of his position. Since it's hardly fair to Spade if she has to guard a dinky little house in the woods. This is when Sevhian first began experimenting with opening long distance portals, and eventually constructed himself a grand estate, full of all the luxuries he'd need for it to be a respectable dwelling and dominion for an immortal. People generally think of him as a strange talkative Yokai with a nice mansion, rather than a Celestial.

Equation Ä:
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Sevhian Yelouj Regladesh
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