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 Evelyn Echoe Von Spade

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PostSubject: Re: Evelyn Echoe Von Spade   Sun Apr 04, 2010 5:31 am

Full Name:
Evelyn Echoe Von Spade

Generally would be Spade
Only allows her master to summon her with the name Crystal Meth.
(Anyone else who has muttered it in her presence has gone missing)
When you ask this question another phrase and question appears.
You don't ask a maidens name and expect her to not take offense.
and how long do you think you have to live when you ask Spade this?
(But otherwise she appears in her mid-teens)
October 3rd
Never learned which one she is since she has always been serving her master
Could be said that she strays both ways depending on the individual
(Finds those matters trivial since her only purpose is to serve Sevhian)
Her ability is to shape shift. Specifically into a spade card hiding herself in a deck of cards for protection,when someone tries to look through the deck the first card they choose will be their fortune.
Also she shape shifts into any white animal mostly ravens and cats but thats just for her to travel with much more convenience. She mainly makes sure her master is taken care of, his weakness being flattery, she checks in on him to make sure noone is trying to distract him from his duties so she takes care of the sense that she deals a bad card to the person who is trying to distract him but if they attempt it again she isn't going to play fair anymore and will kill that person with her clubs card edge. Each of her cards are used for something different,
Spade can deflect half of the attack still taking half the damage this card can only be used four times until it regenerates
Hearts is a card to heal one injury can only be used four times until it regenerates
Diamond is used to summon one item only once until it regenerates
Clubs being the razor sharp power card that mimics whatever power she is being attacked with and sends it back to the enemy with half the power this card can only be used once until it regenerates
(The cards regenerate every hour)

Vampire part Yokai
(During moments of power they glaze over with a black spade in the center of each eye)
Pure white
Very pale close to white
80-90 lbs

She is a small pale girl typically wearing the first color she saw in her mothers eyes before she was abandoned never to see her mother again.
Her way of dressing is light,anything that flows with her while she moves around freely doing Sevhian's errands especially considering since half of them are rather out there chores like getting him light bulbs that have darkness in them to make his mansion look dark and awesome....that errand did not need a dress that could catch onto things easily.
.Most of the time though she is wearing the dress and ribbon Sevhian gave as her welcome to working for me gift which is most likely a Gothic maid outfit of the sort since he loves that style of clothing...

Her presence gives off this solemn sense but when she is fired up you can feel her eyes looking through you the black spade centers burning through your very being. Her hair is short white and rarely starts to curl since it only curls when it rains or there is danger afoot she can usually distinguish the difference between danger and just weather hair but she always carries around her cards and always has a umbrella for when its daytime(due to her being a vampire).Usually you will see her running from place to place finishing up her errands when she is at the mansion she usually just follows Sevhian around giving him company.

Books,games,music,fortune cards,and doing errands
People close to her getting hurt,cheap tricks,lies,promises not kept
Blood,injured comrades which is even worse since she is weak to blood so basically anyone who is injured is a risk to her although with it being her comrades she would feel the need to help but has a chance of losing control,may be misled if she thinks it's for the good of her master,isolation,mood swings
The only remaining vampire from the Ace estate
therefore she is the only card conjurer for those cards
noone else can use them even if they have them in their power

She is usually a calm nice person but is easily provoked her temper is at times solid and concrete and other times she can anger quite easily...its kind of scary thinking that she is able to take a comment and then all of a sudden she tries to rip your face off your skull. She likes to have intelligent discussions over interesting topics not usually brought up in regular conversation which is why she likes being with Sevhian so much.She likes doing errands simply because she feels restlessness almost all the time and feels the need to do something anything really,which is why she likes working for Sevhian because he comes up with many interesting errands.

History:In the making

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Evelyn Echoe Von Spade
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