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 Optimus Toerpheus(Optoer)

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TE Name: Optoer
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PostSubject: Optimus Toerpheus(Optoer)   Sun Apr 04, 2010 11:21 am

Full Name: Optimus Toerpheus
Nicknames Optoer
Age: Unknown. In his "Original" form He looks about 25
Birthday: Nov 3
Orientation: Straight
Abilities: Can bend reality in certain ways.
Creating doors leading to unknown places
Can will things to appear in front of him with the drawback that he has taken it from somewhere else.. So if you were eating cereal and he wanted a spoon,there goes your spoon
(he mostly uses this for mischevious reasons as you can tell from the example)
He also gained a power while being trapped in a old grandfather clock that had been bestowed with some form of magic to trap him inside,the power being that he can stop time,losing his own time in return.

Gender: Male
Species: Human(?)
Eyes: greenish
Hair: Black
Skin: Caucasian
Weight: 220 lb
Height: 7'9

Likes: His master in a friendly way, Tea, Playing pranks on unknown victims,Rabbits, Games, and clocks
Dislikes: Birds, Maids,The head maid butting heads with him
Strengths: Excels in gunplay
Weaknesses: Plastic novelty handguns (don't ask)
Secrets: Absolutely hates maids but downs his urges with strange tablets.
Personality: Optoer stands tall at 7'9" but really is the least serious of everyone in the mansion. He can never find the kindness to take things seriously. His tablets he says calms him as if magic and he usually
takes them when he is offended or angered. He is also very persistant.
Optoer appeared when Sevhian took the mansion. He said he had served everyone else who had been in the mansion. Thus Sevhian immediatly blew him off. But Optoer is the persistant type so he began serving him anyway. Optoer gained a certain trust through the years of serving "the master" as he refers to him, even when he is speaking directly to him. Optoer is said to be a demon from the old father clock in the attic but no one quite knows.
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Optimus Toerpheus(Optoer)
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