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 Puri's Music Topic

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PostSubject: Puri's Music Topic   Fri Apr 23, 2010 9:30 pm

Spade said I should show some of my work here. So I will.
What kind of music do I make? All sorts. I've even gone so far as to make a few metal songs, albeit synthy-sounding. But I usually specialize in:
-hard trance (my true specialty)
-drum & bass
-nerdcore hip-hop (basically rap for those who don't like rap, think Duane & Brand0 and MC Lars, but I'm a bit more lyrical)

YouTube samples (Download links in video descriptions):

My Guardian Angel

The Lemon Tank (Collaboration with Scythetastic, the guy talking)

And for all you Touhou fans, here are some nerdcore tracks in which I make references to it!

Moon Shootin' (Beat by TrueBeat aka iRatz)

My entry in Mike Kalombo's Klassic Cypher, Season 2 (Beat made publicly available by creator, Mike "Klassic" Kalombo)

And some instrumentals based on video games:

Eastern Night instrumental (Touhou 8: Imperishable Night)

Akai Tsuki instrumental (Disgaea: Hour of Darkness)

Calling instrumental (The World Ends With You)

MySpace Page: (has old versions of some of my stuff, as well as these ones I recommend listening to):
(disregard the other stuff, lol)

Recommended listening:
-Saria's Song (Purianite Remix)

MediaFire/4Shared uploads:
"Carol of the Bells" (Purianite's Unfinished Remix) by BarlowGirl: ?yywmjyzrmmn (my Christmas project I didn't finish in time)
"Dark Sky ~ Mysterious Shroud" (Stage 2 music for my doujin shmup, Elemaiden): ?zjzagztm3zg
"Light Side ~ Mitsukai" (Collab with Doomsday Kirisame): ?gj2i1okwcnu
"Rap Chop" (Slap Chop commercial remix, the kit I used was released by DJ Steve Porter): ?a2zyi2n5lvo
"Unbreakable Solace" (Main menu theme for Elemaiden): ?zkymookjd32
"Maidens in Flight" (Unfinished stage 1 theme for Elemaiden): ?zadnmqywmmy
"Unwinding Dreams ~ Rhiannon" (Rhiannon Stellastira's ending theme for Elemaiden): ?g5memmqdoxy
"Beyond Her Own Control ~ Vaida" (Theme of Vaida Bl├╝mchen, stage 1 boss of Elemaiden): < In need of a guitarist to play the lead if possible >

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Puri's Music Topic
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